Ultimate Gut Health Makeover, 6 Week Challenge


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Thank you for showing interest in my Ultimate Gut Health Makeover, 6 Week Challenge!

Just as I was getting ready to close the doors on my first program, I got a flood of messages from people who weren’t sure if this program was for them.

Their symptoms were fatigue, pain, feeling unwell, and just not know what foods to eat and how to prepare them…or what natural tools to use for their issues.

And just when you think your digestive problems are all in your gut, it’s actually much more complicated than that.

Did you know that your gut is like your second brain?

There are cells in the gut and the brain that are the same from utero. The Vagus nerve connects them. When it’s working properly, the messages are immediate. When it’s not working properly, the messages are impeded. This contributes to digestive disorders, and can even affect the heart, the nervous system and more.

It communicates information (gut brain access), stress inhibits the systems, and causes gastrointestinal problems.

So if there’s something wrong in your gut, it can cause depression, exhaustion, out of control cravings, and a myriad of other issues.

So if you strengthen your gut health, you are going to feel better, have more energy, enjoy a stronger immune system, have more clarity of thinking, and of course, experience smoother digestion.

This challenge includes weekly videos, education, accountability, community and a weekly group coaching call.

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