Natural Healing Ointment: Tools For Skin


Whenever we have a need, we use natural healing ointment and salve in our home. My kids know our essential oils and ointment work so well, they ask for these whenever they get a scratch in the skin (which is about every 10 minutes).

I always thought I needed to kill potentially harmful bacteria, especially when my kids got hurt with broken skin. But what about our healthy flora?

We have beneficial bacteria in our digestive system, and also on our skin. This healthy flora is our front line defense against outside pathogens. Isolated compounds (such as those found in  some gels & soaps), are not selective. They kill the good, healthy bacteria, along with the bad.

This weakens our front line defenses, and makes us vulnerable. Use and overuse of these products makes it hard for the body to develop its own immunity.

Store-bought preparations don’t give the body the natural tools it needs to heal effectively. The body is good at healing itself already, but it can do a much faster and better job if it is given tools it can use.

Healing Compounds

Tools most useful to the body are found in whole plants. Whole plants contain healing and nourishing compounds, which are so complex, that environmental threats cannot develop resistance to them.

The complexity of these whole plant compounds are extraordinarily beneficial to the body because they can accomplish multiple tasks, such as boosting the immune system, reducing inflammation, helping cells proliferate and enabling tissue to heal faster. These beneficial, whole plant compounds can be found in essential oils and herbal preparations (ointments, capsules, tinctures, liquids, etc).

Most Effective Tools

Essential oils are highly effective tools for healing. We use lavendermelaleuca (tea tree), frankincense and helichrysum all the time. They are gentle enough to be applied straight, but only if they are pure and very high quality (find a company you trust or contact me).

Quality essential oils and medical flowers herbs

Helichrysum essential oil is pricey, but when my child has an open gash or I need something  for discomfort, it’s very effective. In many instances, it helps close the skin quickly.

Myrrh is another essential oil I prefer for skin repair and discomfort.

Owie Oil Blend

An excellent blend our family uses on a daily basis consists of half carrier oil, and essential oils of clove (great for pain), melaleuca, and rosemary, with some helichrysum and lavender. I do equal amounts, but a little less of the expensive oils.

These powerful oils are antifungal, and super healing. This blend helps with skin discomfort, while quickly healing all kinds of assaults to our epidermis. It’s amazing!

Complete Tissue Formula

Dr. Christopher created one formula that heals body tissues quickly and effectively. This is his Complete Tissue formula. This formula comes in ointment and massage oil for topical use and capsules for internal healing support. It gives the body specific tools and nourishment for very fast healing.

Natural alternatives to antibiotic ointment

We take the Complete Tissue capsules internally for healing large wounds, broken bones and other tissue, tendon, or cartilage problems (also teeth).

In these more serious instances, you may want to do a cleanse as well, which will greatly speed healing without overloading the body with toxins from the wound.

It is important that all dirt and foreign objects are cleansed out of a wound, as the oils and ointment can close wounds so quickly, they will heal right over. If something does get trapped under the skin, Dr. Christopher’s Black Ointment drawing salve can help pull it out.

Examples of Use

1. I used myrrh and lavender to treat an issue my toddler son developed in his little private part. It was tender to the touch and producing some white junk. I pulled his skin back and applied the oils straight 3 times a day, and put a few drops in a small bath once a day. The symptoms were gone in 2 days.

2. My neighbor sliced her thumb deeply and couldn’t get it to stop gushing. We applied one drop of owie essential oils and pressure. The problem stopped within 2 minutes.

3. We routinely use our owie oils with a little Complete Tissue ointment and cover with a bandage. Often when I uncover it a day later, the owie is mostly healed. For deeper owies, I repeat for 2-3 days, or as needed.

4. I had a C-Section with my second child, which left deep, internal knots of scar tissue. I discovered Complete Tissue a while later and applied it to my abdomen periodically. Gradually the knots disappeared, and I felt more confident about trying a vaginal birth on my next pregnancy.

5. With my third child I experienced some tearing when he was born. I took Complete Tissue capsules, took baths with Complete Tissue herbs in a tea bag, and used the massage oil externally. My midwife was amazed at how fast I healed. It took days instead of weeks.

These tools have worked well for our family, but they aren’t the only tools out there. Can you tell us what’s worked well for your family?

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